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Mental & Behavioral Therapy Services

The brain is an organ just like any other and it is susceptible to ailments and disorders as any other part of the body. Seeking therapy to better understand one's emotions, behaviors, and treat disorders is not something to be ashamed of.

Most mental and behavioral health issues are diagnosable and treatable such as depression and anxiety, which are two of the most common forms of mental issues that can seriously affect the well-being of a person and disrupt normal life.

Epiphany offers behavioral, mental, and outpatient therapy services aimed at providing personalized treatments in a safe environment and under the care of highly qualified therapy professionals.

Mental Health Services

The emotional, psychological, and social well-being of a person is referred to as their mental health. It influences people's interactions with others, their ability to handle stress and difficult situations, and their ability to lead happy, fulfilling lives.


Fortunately, thanks to improving mental health awareness and advances in therapeutic techniques, most mental health issues can be treated with the right therapy and counseling.


At Epiphany, our primary goal is to assist people in reaching their full potential, connecting with others, and developing problem-solving and coping skills to combat depression and anxiety and live a healthy lifestyle.

Behavioral Health Services

Good behavioral health is a symptom of good physical and mental health. Any abnormalities in habits such as eating and sleeping or addiction problems with drinking or smoking can impact your mental and/or physical health. Behavioral health can involve counseling for psychiatric conditions as well as marriage and family counseling, and addiction treatments.


Almost all behavioral health issues are treatable, thanks to the wide range of treatments available today. At Epiphany, we believe in assisting people who are struggling with behavioral health issues with compassion, professionalism, and in a safe space free from the common but uncalled for social stigmas attached to behavioral health issues.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services are available at Epiphany for those suffering from mental health, substance use, and co-occurring disorders, among other things. Outpatient counseling assists those in need to begin and finish their recovery process. It can help you regain your mental and behavioral health by focusing on your strengths and resources.


Epiphany qualified counselors who specialize in outpatient services for children, adolescents, couples, and families. Following an assessment of the patients' needs, we refer and recommend them to specialist mental health providers to further aid them in recovering from serious emotional disturbance or mental illness.

Therapy Can Address Relationship Problems, Career Struggles, Anxiety, and Depression

Individual struggles can come in any shape or form, from careers to depressive episodes without any obvious cause. Whether you’re grieving or a personal loss, struggling with career, or suffering crippling social anxiety, there is help available out there.


Epiphany believes in empowering our clients to write their own stories and reclaim control of their lives, moving past the dark clouds obtruding your self-growth and undermining the quality of your life. We aim to provide clients with safe, effective, and life-changing therapeutic experiences that promote well-being and happiness of all our clients.

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